The One30 Hyde Park is an apartment for anyone interested in finer things. The apartments are designed to make you feel comfortable, it’s not just classical comforts, they had a plan to introduce luxury to all the floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, literally the entire project. It is meticulously designed by Bates Smart.


One30 Hyde Park is located in Australia’s major city. It’s located in Sydney’s CBD which is thriving with opportunity and everything is within reach. It’s at 130 Elizabeth St Sydney, Australia with a size of 138 apartments. The One30 Hyde Park building is soaring 38 levels above Sydney CBD and is considered one of the glorious landmarks within the city.

Building Style

Aoyuan property group along with Bates Smart had a defined goal for the entire development from excavation to construction and how the complete project would unfold. The tower represents a certain style and elegance, somewhere you will feel comfortable as soon as you enter the building. Timeless interiors that don’t represent simple residential apartments is what Elizabeth Street needed most.

Development overview

One30 Hyde Park won the Design Excellence Competition back in 2014 and it received the green light to start the development of One30 Hyde Park with the demolition of an existing building on the site within Sydney CBD.

Other sites weren’t an option for this tower and it was carefully planned to stand tall near the museum station and Hyde Park in Australia.

The entire tower design was developed to complement the scale of Hyde Park context along with its materiality and fenestration. The estimated building cost was over 121 million AUD and the building reached an impressive 123m in height. The entire project was completed in 2019.

Amenities of the development

One30 Hyde Park features a 190sqm of retail space, 140 apartments of which many are two-bedroom apartments and it will have underground parking with 93 car spaces. The aim was always to have a mixed-use building that will be around 123 meters in height and when it was completed it stood 38 floors tall.

Maximizing amenity, aesthetic and functionality was always the main goal. Creating luxury such as this took time and architects such as Bates Smart did the job right and made sure quality materials were always used.

Both interior and exterior were carefully considered so that views were never obstructed. One30 Hyde Park in Sydney is carefully placed near the museum train station and Hyde Park which are all located in Sydney CBD.